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        Wuxi King-Re Metal Stamping Co., Ltd(Yong Xing Punching Factory) is one of the professional punching factories in Sunan region, which was established at the beginning of the reform of China. It becomes the permanent supplier of punching parts & body to TCL Wuxi International Power Co., Ltd, ALFA LAVAL, RBI, Orient (Nanjing) of Hong Kong, Wuxi Zhanpeng Technology Co., Ltd, Wuxi Xinda Co., Ltd(Sino-US joint), Finland Onlion Burner Co., Ltd, Wuxi Wireless Power Co., Ltd, etc. Our products vary from Auto Radio Electric, Household Appliances, Cassette Tape Machine, Car CD Hardware, Elevator Parts, Household Appliances Hardware, Communications Equipment Hardware and so on. We have strong technical force and various equipments, we also have all kinds of cold stamping design and development ability. With the development of 20 years by two digits, Wuxi King-Re Metal Stamping becomes a flexible and competitive manufacturer in famous Jiangnan the earth.
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